In 1987, Julie Clark and Linda Goodman opened the doors of the Creative Arts Studio – now known as CAST Preschool. Their vision was to establish a haven where children could truly express their creativity and “celebrate the wonder of childhood.”  Today the school has expanded and now hosts a number of Reggio inspired programs including preschool, infant and toddler care, kindergarten readiness, kindergarten, extended care and before and after school programs.

Art,Music & The CAST Outdoor Classroom

At CAST, it is our goal to inspire children. We believe in the Reggio philosophy which instructs us that children thrive when they are given the freedom to explore the world around them. Children have “100 languages” and, as educators, we must provide them with the tools and the environment to create their own learning. Therefore, we have designed our program to emphasize learning through art, music and a wonderful Outdoor Classroom. In these settings, children are free to explore the wonders around them and to express themselves in their own unique ways. Learning becomes an adventure and a life long endeavor. It is also our goal to nurture an appreciation of the arts in all children and to instill in them an attitude of respect for our planet and a desire to preserve our natural world. 


CAST Preschool is committed to providing the CAST community with an emotional and physical environment that fosters independence and creativity, and celebrates each person’s unique attributes. We believe we are best motivated by laughter, spontaneity and curiosity. We must model respect for each other and our planet, as well as our inner feelings, visions and goals. We believe praise, encouragement, affection and deep respect for all people shape a community in which we achieve success.