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CAST Preschool and Childcare Center
At CAST we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our willingness to work with parents to offer the most convenient childcare “package” for each family. This means that in most cases, as long as you are consistent, you can tell us the days that work for you as well as extended hours before and after your child’s preschool program. You can choose to be on a Full Year Contract- meaning that you need childcare throughout the year and at least 3 days/week for 7 hours/day- or you would only like to enroll for the School Year. You can also choose whether to pay your bill weekly or monthly. With so many choices and so much flexibility, we ask that once you receive your initial “packet” in the mail, you make an appointment to visit us. At that time we will be more that happy to answer all of your questions and to work out a childcare program that best fits your needs.
(23) 266-4392

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