Head of School- Julie Clark Bio

My name is Julie Clark. I graduated in 1976 from Syracuse University with a BFA
in Fabric Design. I worked in NYC as a designer until 1985, at which time I moved
to Connecticut, married and had 2 children. In 1987, as a single mother, I decided
to start a business that offered classes in the arts for children. At that time, there
were no businesses that offered classes for children other than gymnastics. My
background in Fine Arts – both music and art – helped me to create CAST. I
partnered in this business with Linda Goodman, who had a degree in Special
Education and in 1990 we opened Creative Arts Studio (CAST) – a preschool with
an emphasis on the arts. In 2003, I graduated from the Women’s Leadership
Institute at Hartford Seminary and continued to take 18 credits toward my
Masters Degree in Interfaith Studies. These studies contributed greatly to my
effectiveness as a Director and my ability to deal with both parents and staff. I
believe I became a more open and empathetic individual. Along with my
organizational skills and commitment to excellence, these additional skills assisted
me in building the kind of environment that encouraged creativity and growth. I
also have a personal commitment to educating young children about the
importance of protecting our environment. To that end, CAST has an Outdoor
Classroom and a full-time Nature Studies teacher.
I am active in many organizations that support early education. Currently, I am a
member of the Early Childhood Alliance, the Action Coalition Subcommitte of
Childcare For Connecticut and I serve on the External Steering Committee for the
Office of Early Childhood. I have testified to various legislative committees in
Connecticut to help secure funding for early childhood and have been interviewed
for several articles that feature the challenges being faced by childcare providers
throughout the country. I have also been quoted in a Podcast presented by The
Boston Fed – @bostonfed#SixHundredAtlantic. My contribution to the second
edition of Reaching and Teaching Children With Special Needs through Art by
Beverly Gerber was recently published.

“Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for your participation in the OEC stakeholder leadership meetings.

Your perspective is so critical in the room. I always appreciate your willingness to give feedback, ask

questions and share your perspective. I hope you can continue to help us on our plan for the years ahead.

We are at such a critical time for ECE- so the planning, listening and adapting together is so important.

See you soon!


Beth Bye

Commissioner for the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood