Inspired by Art/Music/Nature

  • Each child is viewed as strong, capable and having the capacity to learn
  • The role of the teacher is to be a resource and support for the child
  • The environment is seen as a third teacher and is set up in purposeful ways to promote learning
  • The children’s work is documented, displayed and compiled in a portfolio showing growth and learning over time
When I play different instruments,
 I can discover… lots of new and wonderful sounds.
When I  paint,
 I can discover… that colors mix to make new colors.
When I’m in the Outdoor Classroom
 I can discover so many wonderful things about nature! 
When I add sugar,
 I can discover… how to bake something sweet to eat.


Hatching Monarch Butterflies

As a school, CAST embarked on this Reggio journey!  Each of our classrooms received monarch larvae – so tiny we could hardly see them.  Just as in the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, our tiny caterpillars ate and ate and ATE… and turned into beautiful BUTTERFLIES!