Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our son and our family for the past 5 years! He loves CAST and each and everyone of his teachers, I can only hope this love of learning is something he always has! I appreciate all your efforts and was so happy he had a safe and fun place to be while I worked. Thanks for all your efforts this year to keep the school safe! Thanks for late days to early mornings, to fun movie nights! WE LOVE CAST!

-Eileen Donnelly

We have had our daughter go to CAST for 3 years and our son this past year and we have had only positive experiences with the school. In fact, if we weren’t moving we would continue having our son attend. The teachers show dedication and enthusiasm towards the children and provide a warm learning environment. The administrative staff is friendly and professional and it seems like every employee knows every student attending and are always quick to say hi.

My wife and I have definitely seen tremendous growth with our daughter, including proper speech, letters and writing, art, and basic knowledge of numbers and science. Furthermore, she is developing into a kind, humorous, loving individual. These same characteristics can be said with her younger brother albeit at an earlier stage of development.

We encourage all parents of young children in the area to consider CAST as a viable option for schooling. The pricing is fair, the staff is wonderful, and the education program works.Like

Ryan Schroeder

Our family is very specific in what our priorities are and what we hope to foster in our children’s lives. We struggled to find a preschool that would match those values and also, cost a reasonable amount. It seemed every person we talked to (with the exception of an administrator at a competing preschool), had nothing but amazing feedback to share about their child’s experience at CAST (including two therapists and many parents in the community). Our daughter has just started her first year as a three year old and each morning she has school, she is beyond excited to go.
With respect to our daughter’s privacy, and without touching on specifics, CAST has proven to be exceptionally caring in their delivery of discussing potential struggles and provides valuable feedback for cultivating opportunities to help your child be successful in a school environment. As members of our child’s caretaker team, we looked for an environment that would work with us in all of these capacities and CAST has more than delivered.

We are still getting to know CAST as this is our first experience sending one of our children to school. This review is written with respect to our limited time with the school but we look forward to finishing this school year and to sending both of our children next year. We have every confidence in their team and

-Maggie Dejesus Wilson

I’m a neurotic mom. Let’s start there. It seems as though nothing is good enough for my children, because they are perfect! Especially when it comes to strangers watching my kids (two boys, ages 1 and 2). That is how I felt until I came to CAST.

This is my third and last daycare my kids will ever go to. The “strangers” watching my children have become extended family. It is the only daycare around that actually engages parents to my high standards (we have regular events, parent network meetings, community service fundraisers, etc). When my work had prevented me from being able to drop off and pick up my boys and I was feeling disconnected, the staff worked to make me more comfortable by being more descriptive on the notes they send home. They listen to the parents, and not just because they have to but because they want to. They care.

My older son had many incidents at the two prior daycares where he was hurt and bitten by other children. The very rare occasions where my son got hurt at CAST, I never once questioned the competency of the staff, their attentiveness to my child, their reaction to the situation, nor did I wonder if they could’ve prevented it from happening. I trust them.

-K. Doyle

I can’t say enough about what a great experience we have had. Jack learned so much in the educational environment we searched for in a preschool. He did so with so much support and caring of the teachers, staff, students and parents.

-J. Sauve

Let me begin by saying that I write reviews very infrequently. It is not a priority, given I’m a mother of three children and a physician. The exception of course is for an outstanding business. My children are currently 8, 6, and 3. My oldest daughter started at CAST when she was 9 months old, my youngest daughter at 6 weeks of life. All of my daughters have attended preschool at CAST 5 days a week. Currently my older 2 daughters attend after school care once a week and several times a week before school. Needless to say my kids have spent a lot of time at CAST.

The entire staff is welcoming, caring and outgoing. Each member is unique and while everyone has favorites, I can honestly say I have only had positive experiences with each caretaker, and we know them all! They are patient during challenging times like drop off, pick up, potty-training, weather challenges, etc. They are all kind, loving, and warm.

Additionally, the curriculum is outstanding. CAST provided a foundation for them as babies and preschoolers that allowed them to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. I feel so lucky to have found a local preschool that has exceeded my every expectation for early childhood education. Thank you CAST!

-C. Grogean

Thank You from Anna

CAST Preschool provided my two daughters with not only an early education, but great confidence in themselves and an enthusiastic approach to learning. My children are naturally creative and spirited, and CAST Preschool offered them an opportunity to leverage those assets and nurture them at a very early age.

My youngest started CAST when she was only a year old, and CAST made the transition from being home with mommy every day, to being among other young ones, seamless. I am thankful to have had the opportunity for my children to experience such a wonderful environment and caring staff.

-J. Dietrick

Fantastic benefits for a well-rounded child, both socially and from an educational perspective

-M. Fetzko-Daddona

My 3 daughters have had the opportunity to attend CAST and for us it’s the best place for any child to start their educational and development skills. The entire staff is wonderful. They genuinely care for your child and are so personable. The staff is like an extended family for my husband and I not having any family when we moved to CT. Only place I recommend always. Holds a dear place in our hearts.

-G. Novas-Martinez

I can’t thank you and everyone at CAST for all of our wonderful years there… I’ll never forget her first day – as awful as our lives were at that point, having just lost my wife, leaving Lindsay at CAST left me feeling that I was doing the right thing by her and that she would thrive in your care – and she sure did! Year after year, you have all been wonderful beyond my dreams… Lindsay is growing into such a fine young lady and you and everyone at CAST have had a good hand in that.

-R. Kolesnik

CAST offers a nurturing and caring learning environment for children, excellent teachers, a variety of play and explore centered programs, a clean facility, opportunities for parent involvement and more. Most importantly, our children love attending CAST! We are very happy here.

-L. Wabiszczewicz

As a new mom, I was beyond nervous sending my infant son to daycare…words can’t express how much my husband and I LOVE CAST…we feel comfortable and confident, knowing our little guy is being cared for by a supportive and caring staff.

-J. Behr LaCapra

My children love going to CAST! The art, music, play and learning make CAST an exceptional place for both of them.

-T. Kest

A wonderful place for children to learn and grow! This is my son’s 3rd year at CAST, and he is thriving. He loves the art, music and outdoor classroom activities. Our child has bonded with other children his age and developed friendships since attending. The faculty and the programs are fantastic. We could not be happier!

-J. Kingsley